In the majority of cases, phones and cars were never destined to work with one another but we have a certain grey area in that idea. Our grey area has something to do with navigation, which you’ll greatly appreciate when you’re on a road trip in a place unfamiliar to you. The Navdy Head-Up Display can become one of the best αξεσουαρ αυτοκινητου that you decide to install. With this small device, you can stay connected to your car, the road and your network all at once without causing major distractions.

Navdy Head-Up Display

The Navdy Head-Up Display enables the user to sync their phone with their car as well as the road ahead. It has a handy ‘The Next Trip’ feature that allows the user to load destinations beforehand in the app. So when the trip actually takes place, you’re ready to go wherever it is. Not only that but the traffic overviews and suggested routes are immediately displayed to help you get to your destination faster. Of course you’ll receive a couple of calls along the road but if you want to accept, dismiss or even return a call, you can do so without having to actually pick up the phone. After a few simple swipes on the screen, the task is done and you didn’t even fumble with the device.

Regardless of where you want to go and where you’ll pass through to get there, a rough road or in the middle of skyscrapers and even below ground, Navdy’s quality GPS sensors will easily be able to display your position. What’s great about Navdy is that, not only can it automatically reroute due to congestion or monitor traffic but it can also detect low fuel. Navdy can save you a lot of time, effort and gas during each and every trip.

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