In Clash of Clans, Giants are the best troops currently for various reasons.

  • Giants are healthier and bigger than the Barbarians. Hence the tank role can be filled in a much effective way by the Giants and also the possibilities of being attacked by Mortars or Wizard Towers are less.
  • Giants are much more efficient on the map as they mainly target the defensive buildings. This ensures that the enemy’s power is neutralized at every possible and earliest opportunity.
  • Giants are popular for their effective ways of absorbing and distracting strike for their comrades.

How to Effectively Use Giants in Clash of Clans

Raiding strategies

One of the strategies works very well by mixing some Archers and some Giants. Firstly the entire troop should be deployed so that the defensive building attacks can be distracted. And then immediately the Archers should be dropped in close vicinity of the attacking tower so that all can be cleared and eliminated. This strategy is so effective that it can definitely clear an entire base and lead to a 3 star win.

There is another raiding strategy that involves many couple healers and Giants. This can be carried out on any type of base. Each Giant in the spotlight needs to be spammed so that after some time one of the Giant loses it focus because of the nearby defensive building. Visit our homepage and utilize the Clash of Clans hack there free of charge!

Then 2 healers should be deployed behind the Giants. This effectively works because the 2 healers heal all the destruction that was faced by the Giants. With sufficient time, these Giants can clear an efficient enemy base with less casualties.

Some other ways

The Giants are extremely helpful when paired up with Goblins and Wall Breakers. However for this strategy requires a heavy fortified base along with many resources. Firstly the Giants should be deployed (like the previous strategy) so that the defensive buildings can be distracted and then the Wall Breakers should be dropped near the column walls that are meant to be breached.

All that needs to be checked is the nearby defensive towers are still concentrated on the Giants as the Wall Breakers are quite fragile. Once the wall breaching is complete, then all Archers / Barbarians should be released to clear the defensive towers and in the mean time the Goblins utilize the same.

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