Car rental Bucharest airport is an option that is used more and more by tourists, especially in this century. Airlines that are low-cost let us travel to any part of the world for a cheap price. Now, you could move from one place to another and discover a lot of locations with a little cash.

Here are several advantages of a car rental if you have not rented a car yet.

Freedom of Movement

You do not want to worry about the bus stops, schedules, taxi prices while enjoying your holidays. You simply want to enjoy your time, improvise, and explore.

Money Saving

You could save cash by making a reservation on a hotel placed a tiny bit further from the car rental shop and city center. The cash you save will compensate the price of the car rental. Besides, you would enjoy the freedom of movement.

Life Quality

It is very simple to find the car rental shops at the terminal when you arrive at the airport. There are several low-cost shops placed outside the airport that typically provide a free shuttle to link their shops to the airport. You could save money on buses and taxis (which are pricey). Buses might be cheap. However, it might be a quite uncomfortable choice especially if the bus stop is far from the hotel you’re going.


It would be impossible to visit restaurants with a view, hidden trails, or remote places if you take a bus or a taxi. However, you could do it using a car rental. Usually, these special locations are inaccessible by bus. There’s also nothing better than a vehicle waiting for you at the airport or railway station. You don’t have to carry your belongings to the tram or bus. You also do not have to pay extra for the taxi.

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