A cheap figure skate might bring several purchasers. However, a professional figure skater knows that a figure skate should be bought from shops that exclusively deal with figure skating supplies and figure skates.

Entry Level Figure Skates

There are a lot of available entry level figure skates for recreational and amateur skaters. One of the most well-known brands is Jackson. However, other figure skate firms are manufacturing entry level skates.

In the past few years, an entry level skate has been produced with a comfortable and soft boot. Vinyl and leather figure skates are available also for amateur ice skaters.

The soft entry level boots aren’t intended for advanced or intermediate figure skaters. However, it is an ideal option for the amateur skater who wants to enjoy being on the ice with friends and family.

Boot-Blade Figure Skate Packages

Blade and boot skate combo packages are available also for intermediate and amateur level skaters.

Be cautious that the boot must be somehow firm to provide ankles and feet support when buying a blade/boot package. However, the boot must be supple enough to feel comfortable and break in.

Separately Purchasing Blades and Boots

Separately purchasing blades and boots is a choice always, even for amateur figure skating. Until lately, most figure skaters purchased blades and boots distinctly. Keep in mind that there are a lot of blades and boots with high-quality that you could purchase in the market. So, make sure you know what you are buying.


High-quality blades of a figure skate are often less sharpened. Also, they have greater flow in the ice. Do not spare on the blades. The quality of the blade would affect the quality of the jump and the spin as a figure skater professional jumps and spins.